You are aware that in recent weeks, the world, from oil companies in Russia to hospitals in the UK, were subject to malware attacks affecting their entire business.
The well-known WannaCry and Petya malware took advantage of vulnerabilities in the old versions of Windows operating systems that allowed the virus to spread.
This type of attacks sometimes encourages IT departments to turn inward and delay investment in new technologies like cloud computing, fearing that something managed by others will be more vulnerable. That's where IT departments are wrong!

Proactive monitoring

By using a cloud solution, companies are less likely to get attacked by malware. Cloud providers proactively monitor their cloud solution, and quickly spot and block them. Moreover, they proactively apply service patches and fixes.
Few companies could financially afford this cost for security. That's why finally, companies will find that using the cloud is becoming the best fit for security. It may be counter intuitive to those who equate hands-on control with effective control, but it’s simply true.
Today no major cloud provider, including Cloud2be, the cloud solution of EASI, has been victim of malware attacks.
If you want more information about how EASI proactively ensures that Cloud2be will stay safe and deliver a high security level, don’t hesitate to contact us.