Working as a system engineer for 22 years including 14  years as a consultant at EASI I have experiences with different technologies: Windows, Linux, Virtualization, Network, Firewalling...

I'm now responsible of the Support and Cloud team. Since 5 years I've managed several cloud migration projects that allowed me to get a lot of experiences with specific customers needs. I will make you benefit of this experience during my session at EASI's Inspiration Day on June 1st.

Network connectivity in cloud migrations

Today, moving to the cloud is a well known direction for most companies. But did you already think about the consequences on your network?

  • What kind of lines will you be using?
  • How will you design your network topology?
  • How will occur the migration in time?

These are a few questions among a lot that you need to think about before migrating to the cloud.

During this session I'll share my experience with you about these questions (and especially about the answers) !

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