As a system engineer, I now have an experience of 10 years and participated in different projects: 

  • Windows migrations
  • Virtualization projects of IT infrastructure
  • Setting up Cloud network environments
  • Securing IT infrastructures. 

At EASI, I am now in charge of the management of our Cloud network infrastructure. As a real geek I have already configured our infrastructure for IPV6 and I want to share my insights with you during our Inspiration Day!

IPV6 vs IPV4

Most of us know what IPV4 is. A widely used protocol in the Internet. But most of us also know that the IPV4 address pool is almost exhausted. It is now time to look towards the future... IPV6

  • What is the difference with IPV4? 
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages?
  • How to migrate from my present IPV4 network to a great IPV6 network? 
  • Is it urgent to migrate to IPV6? 

You'll find the answers during my session that's part of our Cloud Integration track during the Inspiration Day on June 1st in Dolce La Hulpe Brussels

Register now! 

By the way, you'll also learn how to get independant of your provider for your public addressing.