SecurIT is a long-term customer at EASI. SecurIT is specialized in "Identity and access management solutions", and collaborates as such very closely with IBM and other partners. SecurIT has offices in Ghent, Amsterdam and New York. IBM Domino was used by about 50 end users as their collaboration platform, for email as well as for applications.

SecurIT is more and more moving towards Cloud solutions, and recently decided to move the e-mail and calendar part to Microsoft's Office365 solution. However, SecurIT is entirely satisfied from their IBM Notes applications.

Microsoft Office365 and IBM Notes applications in one single cloud

That's why a move of the Domino application server to EASI's Cloud2be emerged as the perfect solution. The end users keep on using the Notes client for accessing their applications. Since these applications also need to be able to receive e-mails, they also opted for EASI's Anti-Spam solution.

This elegant combination of Microsoft Office365 and Cloud2be guarantees continuity for SecurIT. This example perfectly shows that ICT solutions from different vendors can perfectly be combined in EASI's Cloud2be.