The "Union des classes moyennes" (UCM - Union of Small Firms and Traders) offers support services to businesses, family allowance funds, social security services, etc.

We asked Alain Etienne, Deputy Director of UCM's Social Security service for the province of Liège why they have decided to migrate.

The answer was quite simple: their virtual machines were relatively obsolete. The situation had to be reviewed at the infrastructure level but also regarding the management of the programs used.
They looked into several solutions and the finally opted for the EASI one: Cloud2be.


They have an historic partnership with EASI and they know the level of services. The installation of the servers at Proximus premises persuaded them, given the location in Belgium and the very high level of security (3+). The cost was also an important element.
Finally, EASI met their desire to keep control of the major part of the servers and not to relocate completely. They therefore proposed a tailor-made solution that takes everyone's realities into account. The technical aspect is managed by EASI, and all the rest by UCM.

"On time, on budget"

Thanks to EASI's involvement, they obtained greater availability of data, and the feedback is very positive. They no longer have to worry about physical problems.
The collaboration with EASI was really good, it was a true partnership.

Maturity was gained on both sides at once: on the technical side as well as in project management.

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