As a customer in Cloud2be, you are not considered as being a number, as just another customer in our Cloud.

At EASI, we search together with you how we can perform your transition to our Cloud. We do not just offer you three of our flavours, but we create your own flavour. Every implementation of your Cloud-environment is customized to your needs.

Not only do we offer a wide range of platforms, like Intel, Linux, IBM Power System i, but we give you the possibility to manage your resources the way you want them. Need some more storage for a while? Or some more processing power? No problem: You can make use of it, most of the time even on the same business day. And for no extra cost. This added flexibility is appreciated by all of our customers, and is being used regularly.

Before we even start a migration process, we analyze your needs, and determine the most optimal solution for you. We'll adapt your wishes to a straightforward migration track, and shall implement it in this way. This is our guarantee that you'll feel comfortable with the solution provided, and gives way to a long lasting relationship.

This is reflected in the documents, offers and contracts your receive from us: A personal proposal based on your business needs with a clear description what you can except before, during and after your migration to Cloud2be.

High availability is built in in Cloud2be: Multiple rooms in a Tier 3+ Data centre, and very shortly we'll be able to offer this in multiple Data  centres, with the same security as your are used to. A rock solid backup & recovery infrastructure along with disaster recovery options prevent any valuable data getting lost.

On top of that we have a wide range of Service Level Agreements, for you to pick from. If you don't find what you like, a custom SLA is there for you as well.
And do not forget the MyConnect-team ! Just dial 067 28 20 00 if you need assistance: always glad to help you.